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Nepal Tourism Booms as Tourist Season Begins

Nepal Tourism Booms as Tourist Season Begins!

Nepal’s stunning scenery and adventure opportunities are once again attracting visitors from around the world. The Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) reports a significant surge in tourist arrivals this March, with a 28.9% increase compared to the same month last year.

Trekkers and Climbers Flock to Nepal

Traditionally, spring brings a surge in tourism to Nepal, with many visitors drawn to the Himalayas for trekking and mountain climbing adventures. This year is no exception, with March seeing a significant influx of tourists.

India Leads the Way

India topped the list of visitor origins in March 2024, with over 30,000 Indian tourists arriving in Nepal. However, the country also welcomed a diverse range of international visitors, including significant numbers from China, the United States, Britain, and beyond.

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