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+977 985-1081173 / +977 980-1054414 [email protected] Govt.Regd.No 189775/74/075

Lukla Weather Condition -Nepal [Everest Region]

  • Please note the flights to and from Lukla depend on weather conditions. Bad weather conditions may cause delay for a few hours or the flight may get canceled by a couple of days. This may happen at the start of the trip (while flying from Kathmandu to Lukla) or at the end of the trip (while returning to Kathmandu from Lukla). In such a scenario the extra cost incurred (accommodation, food, etc) will be borne by you. The company will be in no way held responsible for the extra expenses.
  • We will try our best to get you on the next available flight. When planes are grounded due to bad weather, helicopter charter companies operate mountain flights to Lukla. At your request we can even arrange a helicopter flight (to or from Lukla) for you. Please remember this will incur an extra cost. A helicopter can carry four or five people on board.
  • While trekking in the mountains we will try our best to stick to the original itinerary. But if bad weather persists or if something untoward happens (natural disasters like a landslide, avalanche, etc.)  Your trek leader has the right to modify the itinerary. This will be done keeping your safety in mind.
  • In instances where bad weather persists for days on end and disrupts your travel schedule, you have the choice to cancel your trek to Everest and book another trek (leading to other trekking regions – Annapurna, Langtang, etc.) or Nepal Tour Packages. We will help you choose the right itinerary for you; one that suits your budget and time frame. Please note there will be no refunds for the loss of time due to flight delay or cancellation. There will be no refunds either if you decline to book another trip in place of your Everest trek.
  • To avoid getting your trip disrupted we recommend you keep aside a few extra days in your itinerary for emergencies.