+977 985-1081173 / +977 980-1054414 [email protected] Govt.Regd.No 189775/74/075
+977 985-1081173 / +977 980-1054414 [email protected] Govt.Regd.No 189775/74/075

Quality Tourism

with Eco-friendly Tour Package is Our Prime Objective

Since our first step, we have worked with the prime objective to promote quality tourism combined with eco-friendly package among our Nepal tourists. Besides acting as a tour guide, we intend to achieve full satisfaction from our clients and because of this, we deliver top quality of trek services and give full concern to good health, security and safety of our tourists during the hiking tour.

Customized Packages

and Local Guidance for You

Particularly, we have friendly and experienced staffs to deliver trekking and hiking packages to fit perfectly with each requirement of our customers while avoid stress from you while you travel, so that you get the opportunity to discover everything Nepal can offer to you. Along with this, we provide local tour guidance, so that you can experience authentic adventure across Nepal.

Wide Scope

of Trekking/Hiking Services

Our team at Mountain Hike Nepal provides you with varieties of services. These include mountain expeditions, trekking, jungle safaris, cultural programs, water rafting and outbound tours in Bhutan and Tibet and so on to create memories to last for lifetime.

Mountain Hike Nepal

Nepal is a perfect destination and a paradise for every mountain hiker and trekker. It combines stunning views of the Himalayan Mountains, unique culture, pilgrimages, Hindu and Buddhist temples, various local languages, charming hill type villages and varieties of flora and fauna to explore. Excluding this, the country is a home to the almighty Mount Everest at 8848meterrs and other high mountains of more than 8,000 meters from the level of the sea. Each of these give you strong reasons to experience hiking activities in Nepal.

Explore high mountains and sloppy regions in Nepal

If you are the one want to explore high mountains and sloppy regions in Nepal, you should definitely join our adventure and cultural tour offered by our experienced hiking and trekking professionals in Nepal. Our tourism professionals have established our Mountain Hike Nepal Group under the Nepal Company Act and registered under the Nepal Government.

Mountain Hike Nepal  is a Trekking and Tours company with legal entity formed by a group of individuals to engage in and operate a Trekking and Tours business—commercial or industrial—enterprise.

Mountain Hike Nepal may be organized in various ways for tax and financial liability purposes depending on the corporate law of its jurisdiction.

Mountain hike tour trekking company in Nepal
Mountain hike tour trekking company in Nepal

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