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Why should you choose the Manaslu Circuit Treks?

Why should you choose the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Himalayan journeys can be both strenuous and energizing. Though Nepal offers multiple trekking routes in and around the mountains, each offers breathtaking views to enjoy. Considering the sore body, Trekking always provides you with indelible memories to bring home. Among Nepal’s hiking destinations, Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the exciting trekking routes. This route takes you to the foothills of the 8th highest peak, Mt. Manaslu. You will encircle Mt. Manaslu while catching close-up views of nearby Himalayan peaks.

Not to forget the walk along the off-the-beaten and protected path through Manaslu Conservation Area, the trekking path is full of various flora and fauna. Although this route is naturally plentiful, it also provides unparalleled cultural experience. With this route, you’ll be able to delve into the diverse cultures of the remote villages around this most famous Himalayas. Alright, the Manaslu Circuit Trek is a wonderful choice for the ones ready to wander via Nepal’s remote areas and thrill at the Himalayan views. The top 5 factors mentioned below, Why should you choose the Manaslu Circuit Treks?

Incredible Natural freedom

Incredible Natural freedom

Though Nepal offers adventurers many trekking trails, Manaslu Circuit Trek stands out with its full natural symphony overlooking cultural belongings and epic discovery. This outstanding trek takes you across Manaslu’s beautiful lakes and frozen rivers. Throughout the route, as the altitude rises, you’ll find different biodiversity. Blue sheep, known as Bharal, greyish-colored Ram, Himalayan Tahr, pika, are some of the few that make the Himalayas their home. Within these faunas, snow leopards appear to be the most enigmatic in the snow. Moreover, their appearances are rare in this region.

You’ll also admire Mt. Manaslu’s ever-changing views throughout your trek. The snow-covered mountains view transitions from a distinct peak to a trilateral peak to stunning views. From Lho, you can wonder at the superior peak while from Samdo, the single triangular peak can hypnotize you. You may also enjoy the spectacular views from Larkya La Pass, the highest point (5160 meters) along the trek. You’re also likely to see the magnificent Ganesh Himal, Himlung Himal, and Cheo Himal along with some Annapurna range visions.

Rural villages, peaceful routes

Rural villages, peaceful routes

Manaslu Circuit Trek brings you via the picturesque and vibrant settings of Nepal’s rural villages. For trekkers pursuing a trek via the different cultures and traditions, the residents in Manaslu are always welcome. This trek will take you back in time. Walking in these remote Himalayan foothills brings you back to the past few years. Throughout these dispersed villages, you can immerse yourself in multicultural communities’ culture and lifestyle. As these trails are least explored, it helps you to deepen the pristine beauty of the forlorn villages.

Manaslu Circuit Trek, with its peaceful routes, is one of Nepal’s most remote treks. This trekking route goes through Manaslu’s narrow hill, giving trekkers perspectives they never had before. Manaslu Trek is less recognized than Annapurna Base Camp Trek or Everest Base Camp Trek, resulting in isolated trails. That’s one reason you’ll find only little trekkers along the way. This trek is the best choice for people willing to travel in an isolated landscape. October, however, this region is the busiest month relative to other months of the year. Even then, trails aren’t as chaotic as paths in Everest and Annapurna.

Remarkable Cultural Encounter

Remarkable Cultural Encounter

Despite spectacular mountain views, Manaslu Circuit Trek offers true, remarkable cultural encounters. Throughout the trek, the path goes through the several prayer wheels, the Mani Walls, the Chortens and the monasteries. As you wander from lowlands to higher altitudes, you will arrive across dynamic cultures and traditions. You will run into the Hindu civilisation in the lower regions. The Ghale, Gurung, and some other families, most of whom live in these villages. As you make your way to higher altitudes, you will find that the rituals here are largely influenced by the Tibetan culture. You’re going to visit a Buddhist and Bon culture along way.

It’s fascinating to know that every village you pass has at least one monastery. Secondly, women wear typical pangdens and enjoy dried yak meat. Butter tea is on the menu in virtually all teahouses and nearby homes. More often than not, Tashi Delek’s greet will start the conversation instead of Namaste. This trek will certainly serve as an outstanding opportunity to explore the rich mountain cultures. Visit the popular Ribung Gompa in Lho and Pungyen Gompa in Samagaon for this Manaslu Circuit trek.

Moderately difficult but secure

Moderately difficult but secure

Trekking in Nepal can be difficult on the body. Paths are also challenging as they lead you to the country’s outskirts. As for the Manaslu Circuit Trek, the route takes you off-the-beaten-path, needing moderate physical condition. While this trek doesn’t involve an athletic body, being adaptable will definitely help. Getting a previous trekking experience would also be a blessing for people willing to try Manaslu trek. If you’re a beginner in the trekking world, training a few weeks before your trip will improve your stamina level. After all, the trek requires 6-7 hours of walking every day.

Although the trek can seem strenuous, it’s well-crafted, secure. The trek requires sufficient acclimatization to avoid altitude sickness. Trekkers need to keep pace and have enough rest instead of getting too anxious for the trek. You should always check your wellbeing during the trip. It will help you prevent any health issues. While trekking, bringing water purification tablets or drops can solve your drinking water problems. For those unaware, after the devastating 2015 earthquake, the Manaslu Circuit Trek route is revived and patched now. Locals have practically recovered all routes and teahouses. Trekking in Manaslu area is secure now.

Prices relatively reasonable

Prices relatively reasonable

Trekking in Nepal varies depending on traveling places and seasons. Trek cost also depends on the number of days and group size going to your destination. Nevertheless, food and lodging along the trail are almost equivalent. Relative to Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek Price is higher and affordable. Here, accommodation is the regular teahouse with minimal, but adequate facilities. Across the walk, food choices are common with limited menu options. Nonetheless, food prices rise as you gain altitude during this trek.

This price increase and ideal facilities are related to transport issues in the remote Himalayan region. While food prices rise with an increase in elevation along the trail, it is a little more price than other famous treks’ total costs. Previously, Manaslu Circuit Trek was one of the best camping trails. But now, with more tea houses, the trek doesn’t involve camping. Rather, one can enjoy the beautiful views and relax at the end of the day with a quiet, comfortable sleep in the tea houses.

Also know the suitable Trek Period for Manaslu Circuit Trek

While trekking in Nepal, you need to select a suitable trek period to get the most out of your journey. Autumn, i.e. September to November and spring, i.e. March to May, are the greatest seasons to schedule a trek in Nepal. Similar months are the perfect time to conduct Manaslu Circuit Trek. Winter and rainy seasons are not favored, however, as winters are brutally cold and rains make route slippery and difficult to walk. Spring and autumn months are perfect to check Manaslu Circuit Trek off the wish list.

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