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Nepal Tourism Thrives in Peak Season with Over 1,11,000 Arrivals in April 2024

Nepal Tourism Thrives in Peak Season with Over 1,11,000 Arrivals in April 2024

Nepal Tourism Thrives in Peak Season with Over 1,11,000 Arrivals in April 2024

Nepal’s breathtaking landscapes continue to captivate travelers, with April 2024 witnessing a surge of 111,376 tourists. This marks a significant increase compared to previous years, solidifying Nepal’s position as a premier adventure destination.

Springtime Boom for Trekking and Climbing

The months of March, April, and May traditionally draw large crowds to Nepal, with many visitors seeking the perfect conditions for trekking and mountain climbing adventures. This year proved no different, with the stunning Himalayan scenery beckoning outdoor enthusiasts.

India Leads the Charge, with Strong International Presence

The largest contingent of tourists in April hailed from neighboring India, with a total of 30,158 visitors. However, Nepal’s allure extended far beyond its borders. The United States emerged as the second-highest source country, contributing 9,947 tourists.

Global Appeal: A Diverse Tourist Influx

The influx of tourists also included significant numbers from China (9,750), the United Kingdom (5,391), Australia (4,110), Bangladesh (4,003), France (3,755), Germany (3,270), Russia (2,977), and Malaysia (2,310). This diverse range of nationalities highlights Nepal’s universal appeal.

Nepal on Track for Record Year in Tourism

With the first four months of 2024 already exceeding 416,069 foreign arrivals, Nepal is on track for a banner year in tourism. This positive trend signifies a welcome recovery from the past few years.

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Nepal’s tourism industry is flourishing, offering a wealth of experiences for travelers from all corners of the globe. With its breathtaking scenery, rich culture, and diverse activities, Nepal promises an unforgettable adventure. Start planning your dream trip today!

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