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+977 985-1081173 / +977 980-1054414 [email protected] Govt.Regd.No 189775/74/075

Nepal ends coronavirus lockdown, opens for tourism, autumn climbing activities

Nepal ends coronavirus lockdown, opens for tourism, autumn climbing activities

Nepal ends coronavirus lockdown, opens for tourism, autumn climbing activities

Nepal’s government has agreed to terminate coronavirus lockdown. The midnight judgment would take force from Tuesday (7/21/2020) (Source)

Spokesperson of Nepal Government, Minister for Communication and Information Technology Yubaraj Khatiwada informed that the government has decided to lift the limitations that had been forced to cut the increase of coronavirus infection on March 24, and reformed in mutlile levels.

With the Government announcing the resumption of all international and domestic flights as of August 17, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation today stated that it would allow all related tourism activities, including mountain climbing, to begin in the autumn season.

With the latest announcement, the tourism community believes that the industry that suffered losses of more than 10 billion rupees a month during the COVID-induced national lockdown would gradually return to a new normal.

“The Ministry plans to resume all tourism various projects by following the health and safety protocols as of 17 August,” said Minister Secretary Kedar Bahadur Adhikari, adding that safety protocols are being finalized by holding consultations with the stakeholders concerned.

According to the decision of the Cabinet, flights will be restarted in three phases. Flights to destinations that are less affected by COVID-19 will be operated in the first phase. After that, in the second and third phases, flights will gradually be functioned to other destinations. During the initial period of continuance of flights, not all airlines will be allowed to operate all their aircraft at once. Permission to operate aircraft will be granted on the basis of the destination and the number of passengers.

The Department of Tourism is set to issue climbing permits for the autumn season after the government has decided to restart domestic and international flights. As of Department of Tourism said, climbing activities will begin in the autumn season and beyond.

The Department has already begun to prepare the necessary guidelines for climbers and trekkers who plan to visit Nepal after August 17. Department of Tourism will also issue the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for agencies to conduct autumn climbing and trekking activities during the autumn season.

August 17 has been set as the date of resumption of flights and long-distance transport.

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Nepal no longer under lockdown: Here’s what will run now and what still won’t, Find Below

Services that will resume operations from July 30, in addition to pre-existing services: (SOURCE)

  • Hotels, Restaurants

Recreational activities including parties, seminar, receptions/banquet and other public gatherings continue to face restriction

  • Tourism activities including Travel, Trekking, Mountaineering

Resuming operations from August 17

  • Short and long haul public transportation within and inter-district
  • International and domestic commercial (and other) flights
  • International sports (trainings and preliminary stage)
  • Student admissions and examinations

Here are the services that will remain inactive until further notice:

  • Educational institutions (schools, colleges, tuition centres, among others)
  • Conferences, seminars and trainings of all types
  • Recreation centres (cinema halls, party palaces, dance bars)
  • All kinds of demonstrations, assemblies, gatherings
  • All religious/social centres
  • Salons, parlours
  • Gyms, health clubs
  • Group sports, sporting activities in grounds and stadiums
  • Libraries, museums, zoos

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