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Everest Helicopter tour in Nepal 2020

Everest Helicopter Tour in Nepal 2020

Everest Helicopter tour in Nepal 2020 is the best way to reach the Himalayas with the highest mountains in Nepal. 

Everest Helicopter Tour is very common among those who want to experience Everest but have less time. 

This will fulfill your desire to see the highest mountains and mysterious landscapes. 

As you know, Mount Everest is the highest mountain on earth, rising above 8848 meters from sea level.

It stands tall and high in eastern Nepal.

The summit serves as a Nepal-China international boundary.

The trending day-by-day helicopter ride tour is becoming popular. 

Many people want to visit the highest peak in the world within 4 hours is a wonderful opportunity. 

Unlike walking the long way to Everest base camp, the helicopter flight makes your wish of seeing the Everest come true, enabling you to catch the hundreds of poses near.

They touch the peak and make their own memories.

It takes the Himalayas to see mountains and make a live view of the highest location in the world for all ages of people.

Travelers use the alternative to hiking to the base camp or take the helicopter tour of the Everest Base Camp.

Base Camp is a campsite used by climbers as a rest during their ascent and descent.

Just a few cans climb the mighty Everest, so it’s a major achievement to hit Everest Base Camp.

Your journey will be enjoyable from start to finish as your eyes won’t stop a minute from this magnificent landscape and atmosphere. 

Some well-known locations here are Tengboche Monastery, Gorak Shep, Khumbu Glacier, etc.

The flight takes you to Kala Patthar, the highest point in this journey.

You also must fly to Syangboche Helipad and return from there.

Best Season to do Everest Helicopter tour in Nepal

Spring: Under this season, from March to May. It’s dry, sunny, and clear during this year makes the perfect time for helicopter flights.

The weather in the spring is favorable in the mountains.

The amazing view of mountain hills, vivid mountains, etc.

Monsoon: Planning monsoon season(June to August) helicopters flight can result in unpleasant events. 

The sudden weather variations are unstable, disrupting the daily flight.

Your flight could be severely delayed by the weather.

Poor visibility flight during heavy fall might be critical in various areas.

Autumn: In this season, September, October, and November come. The temperature is fairly good. The rainy season has just ended so you can’t miss the views of washed mountains and hills.

The sky are bright and daytime is dry, making the weather ideal for flights. This season is also the best Himalayan trekking time.

Winter: December, January, and February come under this season. Throughout these months, the mountains are full of snow, giving it a view from above.

Not only mountains, but even hills are filled with snow. This time of year is also perfect, but mountain visibility may not be good enough.

Itinerary for Everest Helicopter Tour in Nepal

Kathmandu to Lukla: You will wake up early today then drive to Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu via a domestic terminal from where your tour flies towards Lukala Airport

After fueling, proceed to Kala Patthar’s next stop. It’s about 25 minutes from Lukala.

Lukala to Kala Patthar: After sightseeing the flight’s incredible views, you can enter Kala Patthar, our venue today.

Kala Patthar lives here at 5545 meters. The helicopter stays 5-10 minutes.

Kala Patthar to Syangboche: You’re heading to Syangboche to the Everest View Inn. The trip is 12 minutes ahead.

The hotel is renowned for its terrace view, providing indescribable views of Mount Everest summit.

Syangboche to Kathmandu: Upon discovering Mount Everest, travel back to Kathmandu from Syangboche, which is around 1 hour 20 min ride. Then you fly from Lukala to Kathmandu.

After you arrive, the responsible agent transfers you to your place. You had a pleasant trip to see the world’s tallest mountain peak.

This would be one of your life’s most exciting and memorable experiences, so catch it once in a lifetime.


Book your tour at a trustworthy agency, where they provide sincere and professional workers to make your tour smoother and more pleasant. While riding a helicopter, we are always concerned about our protection. There are many challenges in the helicopter trip to Everest Base Camp, so book your tour in a trusted agency in  Nepal such as Mountain Hike Nepal.

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