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Coronavirus, prevention, and Effect in the Tourism market in Nepal 2020

Corona virus, prevention and Effect and Reaction in Trade and Tourism market in Nepal 2020

Coronavirus, prevention, and Effect in the Tourism market in Nepal 2020

Nepalese people and tourism industries believe very highly that the Year 2020 would build a great scenario in Nepalese Tourism, which also believed Nepalese economy to develop. Government of Nepal, many tourism and tourism-related organisations and councils are hoping to experience the wonderful visit Nepal 2020. Visit Nepal 2020’s official declaration provided high capacity and hope for the arrival of the mass tourist. Paradoxically, late December 2019’s latest coronavirus epidemic affects these expectations and wishes terribly.

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) challenges the globe. Pandemic caused over 121,704 deaths from 1,946,386 cases (17-04-2020). After China, South Korea, Italy Iran, and other countries have endured the Coronavirus disaster. Estimates of new reports are coming out.

Coronavirus & its effects on tourism in Nepal and visit Nepal Year 2020

Before the Covid-19 outbreak in late December 2019, # VisitNepal2020’s anticipation of tourism development and performance was strong, and the scenario was also optimistic. Yet outbreak renders the VNY2020 fest’s performance confusion. Also hopes were strong before mid-February owing to Nepal’s no-case Corona. But the latest World Health Organization (WHO) release nearly destroys any tourism industry’s expectations in Nepal. According to WHO’s report, Nepal is among those nations where Novel Corona’s future effect is very high, and the situation could be worst.

Before the March, Nepal’s government and tourism department sought to advertise Nepal as the crown-free country to encourage visitors to visit Nepal. But the uncontrollable state of Novel Corona and its more cases outside of China, which is worst, allows it a situation to leave all Visit Nepal Year 2020 advertising and ad services.

Nepal’s government (GON) discussed the issue and VISIT NEPAL YEAR 2020. Ministry Cabinet has agreed to delay both marketing and worldwide VNY2020 services. Cabinet also plans to postpone the feast to 2022.

Promotional strategies and exhibitions to draw over 2 million international visitors (almost double last year) are all cancelled. Owing to the circumstance and worst condition owing to Novel Corona Virus, Nepal’s government intends to implement steps to encourage domestic tourism. Yogesh Bhattarai, Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, said they are currently postponing foreign tourism promotion and would implement steps for domestic tourism.

The VISIT NEPAL YEAR 2020 committee told that due to the pandemic, the scheduled promotional activity at Berlin Tourism Fair, Germany, had canceled as the organizer self-canceled the event.

It also canceled its scheduled promotional activities in China

The committee also stated that GON’s focus has now changed to constructing appropriate facilities to accommodate tourists’ potential influx or rush when the situation is usual or even better.

As in previous years, big tourists visiting Nepal were from India and China. Before VNY2020, Nepal was anticipating the mass migration of visitors from India and China, but the COVID-19 Outbreaks closed all the doors, wisely the government also had to compulsively shut the doors before arrivals to ensure the safety of residents and the state.

All flights between China and Nepal are closed and terminated, almost stopping Chinese tourist arrivals. The Nepalese tourism experts and authorities also say it’s not a time to count the number of tourists visiting Nepal, but it’s a time to demonstrate unity impacted by this outbreak. It’s time to walk together against the pandemic challenges.

Protect Yourself and Others

Stay informed of the latest updates on the infection of COVID-19, accessible on the website and via the national and local public health agencies. 

Most people who are sick suffer moderate illness and heal, although it may be more severe for others. 

Take control of your safety and support others by doing the following thing:

Washing your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash those with soap and water which will help to kill viruses that may be on your hand

 Hold a space of at least 1 meter between yourself and someone who coughs or sneezes because when anyone coughs or sneezes, they release tiny liquid particles from their nose or mouth that may hold a virus. 

If you are so near, you will breathe in the particles, like the Corona virus, if the person who coughs has the disease.

Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth because hands meet several objects and can pick up viruses. 

When touched, your hands will pass the virus to your eyes, nose, or mouth. In there, the infection will invade your bloodstream and render you ill.

 Stay at home if you feel sick. When you experience a fever, cough, or trouble breathing, receive medical care and contact in advance. 


It is a contagious virus that has taken the lives of many people across the world. This disease, known as a pandemic, has not been treated so far. Although there are several reports of people healing from corona-virus, we can all be cautious and obey the treatment diligently and knowingly.

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