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Beauties of Krishna Temples on Shree Krishna Janmasthami Festival in Nepal

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Beauties of Krishna Temples on Shree Krishna Janmasthami Festival in Nepal

Shree Krishna Janmasthami festival in Nepal observes the birth of the Lord Krishna. Hindus also call this festival with many other names i.e. Sri Krishna Jayanti, Ashtami Rohini, Gokulashtami and Saatam Aatham.

Celebration Date of Krishna Janmasthami

Hindus in Nepal and other countries celebrate the festival of Krishna Janmasthami on the eight day i.e. Asthami Tithi of the Krishna Paksha (dark half) of the Bhadra month according to the Nepali Calendar created by Bikram Sambat. According to the English Calendar, the festival comes in the month of August or September in a year.

Glimpse on Krishna Janmasthami Celebration in Nepal

Hindus from almost every region of the world, including the Hindu country of Nepal celebrate the holy festival of Shree Krishna Janmasthami by following a common tradition to take fast up to the midnight. Devotees and fast keepers enchant various Slokas written and derived from the Bhagwad Gita and sing bhajans. In addition, priests and managers of various Krishna temples in Nepal decorate the temples, while play or sing kirtans and bhajans in various groups.

Janmasthami Festival Centers in Nepal

Krishna Temple of Patan Durbar Square and Narayanhiti Krishna Temple, along with various other Lord Krishna temples form the centers for Krishna Janmasthami Festival in Nepal. On the day of festival, a large number of devotees flock to the ancient temple dedicated to Lord Krishna in the old Patan Durbar Square for keeping vigil through the glorious night of the birth of ‘Bal Gopala’ (childhood name of Lord Krishna).

In addition, women chant various names of the Lord Krishna, including Gopal and Narayan. Even a few devotees sing ancient hymns and pray, while others clap. A huge crowd of women and men edge their ways to up narrow steps slowly via seated devotees to the dark interior of the temple to the place, where the actual idol stands. Finally, devotees offer coins, flowers and food, while wait to get a glimpse of the Krishna Janmasthami festival at the Krishna Mandir.

About Lord Krishna as per Hindu Mythology

According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Krishna, also known as Bal Gopal is the eighth incarnation or avatar of Lord Vishnu. Krishna belongs to Yadu Vansa i.e. Vrishni clan of Yadavas located in Mathura. He was eighth son of Queen Devaki and King Vasudev of Mathura. His birth took place exactly at 12:00night i.e. midnight. Lord Krishna incarnated in the Dwapar Yuga in the Earth to end various ill deeds of Kansa, his wicked maternal uncle or brother of Devaki.

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